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Every human being has the capacity to be creative.
Invite someone to explore the imagination with you and feel the power of creative engagement

Make Up a Story

Our classic creative storytelling – you can say anything.

Ask a Beautiful Question

Inspire someone to think a little differently – with no right or wrong answers.

Do a Creative Project

You can do these – no kidding. Even if you swear you are not creative.

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Blog Posts

From the Desk of Mary Schuler

As the TimeSlips community continues to grow, we’re introducing you to each of our team members and highlighting the work that benefits YOUR creative engagement. From managing myriad details of member requests, creating content for communications, to individual training and large-scale organizational partnerships, these are the faces behind the TimeSlips team. It’s our joy to get to know you, and for you to get to know us!

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Miami University logo with images of two young women wearing graduation caps and gowns. Text on image reads " POV: You're a TimeSlips Intern. A special blog by our Miami University Spring Interns Lauren Konold and Tess Miller

POV: You’re a TimeSlips Intern

College students are not strangers to chaotic schedules. From studying, working, internships, clubs, planning for the future, and time with friends, their schedules leave little room for meaningful connections. TimeSlips Interns Lauren Konold and Tess Miller, both Public Health students at Ohio’s Miami University, feel differently. Through their TimeSlips work, they discovered a special peace in learning about those living with dementia. Discover how this has helped shape their outlook on aging as they look towards their futures after graduation.

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Creative Campus Spotlight: Eastern Michigan University

Since becoming a TimeSlips Creative Campus partner, Eastern Michigan University (EMU) now equips its students with creative skills to apply to their work outside of the classroom. Hear how EMU graduate student, Sam Carter, Engage team member, Tyler Calhoun, and Engage Director and Professor Decky Alexander embraced this special opportunity, and what they want others to learn from their experiences.

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Washington County, Oregon: A Virtually Limitless Creation

Throughout the last two+ years, TimeSlips Creative Storytelling has been witness to the determination and joy that come from learning about each other and creating with one another in new ways through creative play. But what happens when doing so happens in a format that was never the original plan, yet comes with phenomenal results?…

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What is TimeSlips Membership?

To watch our recent webinar about our new Membership, Click Here! TimeSlips membership will continue to provide its evidence-based training, but now will be adding professional development opportunities and new resources  for creative caregiving. There will be ways to connect with TimeSlips Certified Trainers and other members in new ways.. Different levels of membership can…

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Creative Prompt Submission Contest

The Creativity Center on our brand new website will be expanding and we want YOU involved!  In honor of Women’s History Month, TimeSlips is asking our network to submit images of women that would make a good storytelling prompt. We will collect submissions through the end of March and will select an entry at random to…

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Our Weekly and Monthly Newsletters

Monthly Newsletter | November 2021

As the TimeSlips team completes November, 2021, we are thankful for worldwide growth and connection we experience through creative connections with you, whether a family member, an advocate, a funder, a care community, educator, student or a fan: this

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The Creative Prompt of the Week, our virtual Engagement Party event, a Year in Review event, and details on Care Jam 2021.

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The Creative Prompt of the Week, our Year in Review event, a blog post by Kathy Hawkins, TimeSlips’ Engagement Coordinator, in honor of Veteran’s Day, and a spotlight on flutist, Eugenia Zukerman, and her experience with Alzheimer’s disease.

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What is TimeSlips?

What is Meaningful and Creative Engagement?

We created this short animation to explain a bit about the TimeSlips approach. Do you know someone who is isolated or perhaps wrestling with dementia? You want to engage but don’t know how?

Let us help. Ask a Beautiful Question and invite someone to imagine, using words, sounds, movements and images. Shift away from the expectation of memory – toward the freedom that imagination can bring.