Individual Training

Certified Facilitator Training / Certification

Join our inspiring international network of Certified Facilitators!

Individual Training

Why become a Certified Facilitator?

TimesSlips’ Certified Facilitators can lead TimeSlips storytelling sessions with individuals or groups. With the training and certification, you will develop the creative communications skills necessary to facilitate storytelling that uses imagination instead of memory. You will also receive ongoing support through consultation, newsletters, exclusive webinars, and access to the TimeSlips online Creativity Center with hundreds of creative prompts and downloadable worksheets.

Caregivers / Families

Bring joy to the elders, families and staff you serve.

Professional Caregivers

Bring joy to the elders, families and staff you serve.


Bring joy to the elders, families and staff you serve.

Training & Certification

Follow the outpouring of creativity among our trainees across the world

TimeSlips’ training is composed of an online training module and personalized one-on-one guidance from a Certified Trainer.

Here are the steps to become a Certified Facilitator:

Step 1: Purchase an individual or organizational membership.

Step 2: Complete the online training.

Step 3: Practice the method (using visual prompts from the Creativity Center) a minimum of three times with groups or individuals and write down creative output (stories, poems, songs, etc..).

Step 4: Submit creative output to your assigned Certified Trainer through

Step 5: Complete the Self-Evaluation located on your dashboard for your Certified Trainer’s review. They will provide coaching suggestions for next steps.

Step 6: Once the Self-Evaluation is complete, attend a coaching session with your Certified Trainer to finish your training.

Step 7: Celebrate your individual certification!

Online Training

Certified Facilitator training

The online training includes six modules that take approximately 2.5 hours to complete. You can stop and start the videos at your convenience.

Each module delves into key concepts of the TimeSlips method, including:

Module 1 – Exploring Creativity
Module 2 – Ageism and Person-Centered Care
Module 3 – Key Concepts and What’s Needed
Module 4 – One Step at a Time
Module 5 – Practice Creative Engagement
Module 6 – Troubleshooting

Once you complete the online modules, we assign a Certified Trainer to you. The Certified Trainer will work with you throughout your practice sessions and self-evaluation so that by the end of your training, you will know what you’re doing right.