Caregivers / Families

Caregivers / Families

Programs for caregivers, friends and families

Program Details

Learn simple engagement techniques that can create meaningful moments of connection

Want to share engagement techniques with family and friends? Host an Engagement Party! Engagement Parties are informal and joyful gatherings where guests learn simple engagement techniques that can create meaningful moments of connection.

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    Designed in collaboration with family caregiving groups
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    Simple structure, easy for anyone to host a party – in person or online
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    Help break down the stigma and stereotypes around aging and dementia by building positive intergenerational relationships
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    Includes support materials, including a simple online training and downloadable host guide
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    A great way to involve young people in positive and playful relationships with elders
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    Connect with other friends and family caregivers in our caregiver Facebook group

Online Training

Friends & family training is included with all individual memberships
Friends & Family Training video

TimeSlips for Friends and Family

Approx. 45 minutes

The TimeSlips Friends & Family Training is designed for friends and family caregivers or anyone looking to learn new ways to connect with a loved one.

Created in collaboration with family caregivers, this training takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and will provide you with an introduction to TimeSlips and creative engagement, and show you how to weave creativity into your daily life to create meaningful moments of connection.

The training is available at no cost to anyone with a free TimeSlips membership and can be accessed via your Dashboard at any time at

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Host your own Engagement Party!


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