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Education Organizations

Meaningful intergenerational educational experiences for students

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Breaking down negative stereotypes between both young and old

A Creative Campus is specifically designed for educational partners, serving high school and college age students. Our online tools and remote coaching are designed to help you build a TimeSlips experience that will aid in breaking down negative stereotypes between young people and elders as well as reduce the stigma around memory loss, dementia, and cognitive impairment.

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    Join teachers from across the country utilizing the TimeSlips’ online training in coursework and service learning.
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    Create an online community where resources and tools are stored, training and progress can be tracked, and stories can be shared.
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    Help break down the stigma and stereotypes around aging and dementia by building positive intergenerational relationships.
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    Gain access to our online training and tools to support meaningful implementation for students, teachers, and other partners.
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    Learn more about how to embed TimeSlips in a course, offer it as a service learning or volunteer project, or turn it into an immersive one year “Student Artist in Residence” experience.
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    Connect with our inspiring international network to learn more about meaningful work in the field of aging.


TimeSlips Improves Medical Student Attitudes

George, D., (2011) Gerontologist

“…the first known pilot study to suggest that participation in a creative group-based storytelling program might improve medical student attitudes toward persons with dementia.”

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TimeSlips Fosters Play and Joy

Swinnen, de Medeiros & Pruchno (2018)

Close readings of the transcripts and notes from the programs resulted in three observations: people learned to play again, there is power in playing together, and play often led to expressions of joy. Overall, the notion of play may be a helpful framework for future research into innovative arts-based approaches to dementia care.

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TimeSlips Improves Students’ Attitudes Toward Older Adults in Service Learning

Heuer, Sabine (2020)

TimeSlips is an evidence-based, patient-centered approach well suited to address challenges in the preparation of Communication Sciences and Disorders students to work with the growing population of older adults.

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Timeslips offers its training and special online resources to organizations as part of an annual membership

Creative Campus All-Access Membership

$2,500 / Annually

  • Up to 6 Individual Certifications on our core technique
  • 50% discount on professional development events
  • 15 hours of consultation to develop your program
  • Promotion of your organization on TimeSlips website

Renewal fees for Creative Campus members will be $500 after a year of membership.


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