Community Organizations

Community Organizations

Leveraging the power of stories for “well check calls”

Program Details

Targeting elders who may be under-connected, or isolated

Tele-Stories invites elders into creative and engaging conversations from the comfort of their own homes. Building from the concept of “well check calls” which are meant to address basic physical needs, Tele-Stories tends to social and emotional wellbeing by using creativity to forge connections and reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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    Every Tele-Stories facilitator is certified in TimeSlips and trained in how to facilitate creative engagement remotely
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    Through a series of calls, a Certified TimeSlips Facilitator guides the participant through various creative activities, from storytelling to poetry
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    The calls build off of one another and the conversations that are had act as inspiration for the facilitator to create a shareable creative collaborative gift with the elder and the broader community
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    Each Tele-Stories experience is completely unique and customized for each participant

Use Case

TimeSlips secured a $100,000 grant from the Milwaukee Civic Response grant program to support 10 Milwaukee-based artists to offer Tele-Stories to 10 older adults. Artists delivered 30-minute calls over 12 weekly sessions and the results were amazing.

Milwaukee Civic Response Tele- Stories Project Webinar

Milwaukee Tele-Stories Artists talk about their experience in the project

Tele-Stories: Artists Connecting with Elders via Phone


of elder participants were less lonely


of elders said the program was “extremely meaningful”


Two membership options for your organizations

Timeslips offers its training and special online resources to organizations as part of an annual membership. Pick the membership plan that is right for you – upgrade anytime!

Organization Basic Membership

$2,500 / Annually

  • Up to 6 Individual Certifications on our core technique
  • 25% discount on professional development events
  • 5 hours of consultation to develop your program
  • Promotion of your organization on TimeSlips website

Organization All-Access Membership

$5,000 / Annually

  • Up to 12 Individual Certifications on our core technique
  • 50% discount on professional development events
  • 15 hours of consultation to develop your program
  • Promotion of your organization on TimeSlips website

Members will receive a 50% discount on their renewal fees after a year of membership.


TimeSlips Improves Medical Student Attitudes

George, D., (2011) Gerontologist

“…the first known pilot study to suggest that participation in a creative group-based storytelling program might improve medical student attitudes toward persons with dementia.”

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TimeSlips Fosters Play and Joy

Swinnen, de Medeiros & Pruchno (2018)

Close readings of the transcripts and notes from the programs resulted in three observations: people learned to play again, there is power in playing together, and play often led to expressions of joy. Overall, the notion of play may be a helpful framework for future research into innovative arts-based approaches to dementia care.

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TimeSlips Improves Students’ Attitudes Toward Older Adults in Service Learning

Heuer, Sabine (2020)

TimeSlips is an evidence-based, patient-centered approach well suited to address challenges in the preparation of Communication Sciences and Disorders students to work with the growing population of older adults.

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