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We Reached 1,000 Certified Facilitators!

In a world where the ability to see someone individually or have a gathering has been at question, TimeSlips has been quietly working with a growing movement of people looking to create connections in any way possible: virtually, by phone, in a hybrid format, or physically distanced outdoors or through large glass spaces. The joy and determination of the human spirit have buoyed us as we have continued our resolve to think bigger.

We are excited to announce that our network has now reached 1,000 Certified Facilitators! 

While TimeSlips has been training people in creative engagement since the early 2000s, we’ve only been able to track our increasingly diverse family of certified facilitators since 2012. Says TimeSlips Engagement Coordinator, Kathy Hawkins: “As 2020 continued to move forward, more and more trainees who had paused their learning returned. It’s been really joyous to watch the triumphs of individuals doing anything they could so elders, families, students, all of us weren’t isolated.” Hawkins states that because many organizations also had lost their funding or were experiencing staffing crises due to the pandemic, they needed additional avenues to provide daily, meaningful connections to the elders in their communities.

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Here are some of the notes we’ve received in the last two months alone:

“Since receiving this training, I feel better equipped to recognize the impact of these programs on all participants. I more fully appreciate their value. I am reassured that those that attend storyteller sessions are getting something out of them. Creativity helps to challenge our minds and can improve cognition.”

-Duke University student

“TimeSlips has seen a continued increase in the numbers of people seeking out our programming–from families to funders–during the past two years,” says Kate Britton, Interim Managing Director. “That we have had such continued, intense interest shows the need for connection with others is more vital than ever.”

-Kate Britton, Interim Managing Director

“The comfortable questions & discussions allowed me to address thoughts by using all five senses (feeling, touch, sight, sound and intuition) that inspired my creative energy.  I am a healthier person because of this project. I have been able to speak, share, discover, disclose, question, open up and think about my past life, current life, present life, into my future by awakening my inner spirit. I have been in a metamorphosis stage starting from cocoon (feeling trapped)…and continue to transform into a beautiful butterfly. Thank you so very much for this opportunity to grow and develop into magnificent me.”

-TimeSlips Tele-Stories Participant

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