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Window Murals

Bring a little beauty to someone’s day with these window mural templates – a fun, interactive way to be creative together while still observing the physical distancing rules of quarantine.

TimeSlips is delighted to bring you these beautiful art images from artist, Andee Rudloff. Visit Andee’s website for more information! (Psssst: are offering these art templates at no cost but we greatly appreciate your donations so we can keep resources like this free for everyone!)

What to do with them?

Idea #1  Window Murals: Provide these templates to a local artist or family members who can blow them up and use washable/window paint to paint the outline on the outside of the windows. Staff and elders can work on painting from the inside.

Idea #2  Coloring pages: Print and copy these as individual coloring pages. Gather completed pages and put them on display in a makeshift art gallery.

Idea #3  Beautiful Questions: Use the Beautiful Question “If you could fly anywhere right now, where would you go?” and invite elders and staff to respond. Consider recording responses in writing, audio, or video. Or turn your responses into another art form like a poem, song, or drawings.

Most importantly, get creative and make some fun for yourselves in these unprecidented times. Document your creative work and share widely to inspire others. And please tag TimeSlips on Facebook at Instagram and use the hashtag: #CreativeCareRevolution!

Downloadable Mural Creativity Guide

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