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He saw her and she gazed back. His name is Reggie and hers is Delila. It is June in North Carolina and thier owners are going in the grocery store. Reggie wants to know if she comes here often. Delila says that he should be careful because...(Read More)
It is the Year of the Rabbit. It is springtime, that’s when the rabbits and the flowers come out. He’s holding a bunny rabbit. It’s not a real one. Maybe it is! Maybe it’s the Easter Bunny! His name is Charlie My Daddy. He lives in China,...(Read More)
He’s got long legs. Oh boy! He sure is jumping. He is into the music. His name is Jumping Joe or Jumping Jack. He is in Texas. He is on his guitar, or maybe a violin. He’s no Gene Autry, that’s for sure, but he sounds good to me. The horse...(Read More)
Although a crowd waited eagerly for Alice and Gert to declare that the pie table was open for business, pie placement cannot be rushed. These two friends had taken charge of the pie table back in 1978 when the village August-fest first...(Read More)
(TOLD by Virginia, 87) This is on a beach - almost looks like snow. Is it snow? It would be hard for me to decide - I think. From looking at her clothes,it looks like Spring cause she is without a coat. But she has her feet in the water. Are...(Read More)
The baby, the baby in the bag, the bay in the bag. Now you know where babies come from! The baby has a nice smile. The baby is a boy. I think it is a girl. It's a boy. His name is Traveling Thomas because he wants to go places. In the bag....(Read More)
The traveling baby appeared out of nowhere, in his own suitcase on the platform of the train station in Topeka. No one knew what his name was, so they decided to call him Sam, after Samsonite, the brand of luggage in which he was traveling....(Read More)
This is lover-boy, he's always a happy boy. Look at him grin from ear to ear. He looks so happy. Somebody has been tickling his chin. He thinks he's going on a trip with his family.
She is Jumping Jill. She's a show-off! She's at the Atlantic Ocean. She's from San Fransisco. Is she from Denver? She's from the Old Country. She's catching something. It look like she's catching a Frisbee. She's doing so good! There is a...(Read More)
We’re at the beach in Atlantic City, NJ. See those pants hanging on the line--way in back? They’re drying there because there are no clothes dryers at the beach! (Arleen) It’s 1918--WOW--maybe 1930. This is Elizabeth Pearls Parnos. (Della,...(Read More)
Our Favorite Stories:
Portia is playing the guitar and singing! No one is listening. She is serenading herself and the birds. She is in a park in Mount Wilson. There are a lot of trees and leaves. Its autumn. She is singing "The Falling Leaves." Everybody sings,...(Read More)
Hi I am Johnny the traveling baby.I am a gift from God and part of the traveling circus.I am cute and smart and cuddly but my main attraction is that I can talk and am also a magician.I am very special! My mama is a clown and my daddy is a...(Read More)
Its an airplane. The girl can dream - No extra cost Trying, possibly flying Modern woman Older picture Back in the sixties She's 35-40 yrs old young 13 Western days humming, "As I walked down the streets of Laredo" Getting ready to drive...(Read More)