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Think of a game you played as a child. Can you...

Hide and Seek. Hop Scotch. Jumping rope. Volley Ball. Jacks.Kickball. Dodgeball - different rules. It was a free for all. you got to knock people around.Ring Around the Rosy - Singing and then "Boom"London Bridge...(Read More)

Try really listening to your neighborhood. What...

by the Storytellers and Jackson CrossingsDing, ding, ding! Hey!Lots of kids.Up a tree.All of a sudden people coming. "Oh, that's us!"Complicated games after the evening meal.Baseball.
Storytellers at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care-Bucyrus CampusLoria: Love unconditionally.Tamara: She keeps secrets and doesn't gossip.Litisha: Got to be best friend.MJ: You can tell them anything and...(Read More)

Many religions across the world compel us to...

Joyce--Say "Hello. How you doing? What's your name?" Eva--You don't just go up to people who could be murderers.Josie--By smiling and talking to them.Allie--Did it too many times. Welcome to cut...(Read More)

It might be very simple. It might be complex....

Good health and better teeth. I'd be happy if I could walk.We can be kinder to each other, to our fellow man. A wish for everyone.Pat wishes for a horse as she holds onto her card from the miniature pony day....(Read More)
What scared you as a child?
What are you afraid...
Mom says there's no such thing as monstersA purple and green polka dotted dragoncrawled through the windowProbably mine, I never look under my bedIt got on my nerves with it's"Rom Whop, Rom, Whop" all night longI...(Read More)

Think of the vast generation of young people...

Think of the vast generation of young people...

I was in FTA all through High School and that is exactly what I became. You Just have to Stick with it and follow your dreams according to Martin Luther King Jr. With that being said, I would give my education...(Read More)

What are you thankful for? Who are you thankful...

Everything! I'm alive! Food and water. My mother. I have always been happy. Happy I was alive when my parents were. Life itself. Thankful for moving to the country in the summer. There was more to do than in the...(Read More)

It might be very simple. It might be complex....

A million dollars! No, that's a million dollars too much because the IRS will be after you. I wish I were grown up!Wish my two brothers would get along. One is nice to me, the other never nice to anyone. A new...(Read More)
Our Favorite Stories:
In the snow, in the Alps. Based on his the snow, in the Alps. Their sure not in the Alps! I think their farmed. He's farming with a dog. Hans is the man. I'm going to look at the man. There are no dogs...three different times....(Read More)
We are in a crowded dive dark smokey Bar/ TheaterThe patrons are cheering about the self-absorbent passionate SparkleSparkle is acting a parody about the “DIVAS of FLAMENCO”Sparkle has a broken heart about a past relationshipFootwork and...(Read More)
First LoveThe dogs that fell in love. One day a car pulled up and when I looked down, look what I saw, the dog of my life, Hector. Easter says, "I'm so glad I have my best scarf on."It's the first time they've seen each other and it was the...(Read More)