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Engagement Parties - where friends get together to
learn creative engagement techniques.

Sound fun? That's because it is!

With support from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation, TimeSlips is collaborating to create grass-roots gatherings of friends and family to learn simple engagement techniques. Our goal is to empower friends and neighbors to connect with elders who might be experiencing isolation or perhaps dementia. We are piloting this approach now, and aim to forge partnerships to get these simple tools out into the hands of those who need them in 2020. 

A TimeSlips Engagement Party is an informal and joyful gathering for those who want to learn creative communication techniques to engage with a friend, family member or neighbor who might be experiencing memory loss. Engagement Parties are intended to be fun for everyone, but particularly helpful to engage with those who may be under connected, experiencing isolation, or dementia. At an Engagement Party, a host helps guests learn how creativity can be used to create meaningful moments of connection.

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