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Engagement Parties - where friends get together to
learn creative engagement techniques.

Sound fun? That's because it is!

A TimeSlips Engagement Party is an informal and joyful gathering for those who want to learn how to engage with a friend, family member or neighbor who might be lonely, frail or experiencing memory loss. At Engagement Parties guests will learn simple engagement techniques that can create shared moments of imagination - with no right or wrong answers.

Engagement Parties are intended to be fun for everyone, but particularly helpful to engage with those who may be under-connected, experiencing isolation, or dementia. Engagement Parties are perfect for caregivers, family and friends of people living with memory loss, professionals, students, and anyone who wants to bring joy and meaning into the lives of older adults. They are also a great way to involve young people in positive and playful relationships with elders. 

Learn more about this exciting new project during the upcoming TimeSlips Creative Care Fall Festival 2020. You can register for the free Engagement Party Launch webinar on Thursday November 19th from 1-2pm CT/2-3pm ET here.

This project was developed with generous support from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation.


What people are saying about Engagement Parties:

... In my discussion was the sense of frustration everyone has and the loss of working with elders with dementia. They just don’t know what the right way to handle multiple situations, so amidst the loss and confusion of caring for elders with dementia, our Time Slips session offered a rejuvenating and inspirational path forward - one which each person in the room was eager to try.

- Mindy Matice, Global Brain Health Institute, Califorina

Hosting an engagement party brought about some great outcomes! Participants were able to fine tune their facilitation skills really connecting with others, group brainstorming took place on potential populations to do TimeSlips with, there was a ton of laughter and a couple participants are now becoming certified facilitators!

- Jean Barnas, Alzheimer's Association-Greater Michigan Chapter, Southfield, MI

Last night was such a delight! Thank you for sharing four simple ways we can all better connect with EVERYONE!

- Engagement Party participant, , Milwaukee, WI

When we started we really didn’t understand what the word “creative” meant. As we got into it, we had a better understanding that we can all be creative!

- Engagement Party participant, , Southfield, MI

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