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He saw her and she gazed back. His name is Reggie and hers is Delila. It is June in North Carolina and thier owners are going in the grocery store. Reggie wants to know if she comes here often. Delila says that he should be careful because he is scratching the car. "Doesn't he have any mannors?"
It is the Year of the Rabbit. It is springtime, that’s when the rabbits and the flowers come out. He’s holding a bunny rabbit. It’s not a real one. Maybe it is! Maybe it’s the Easter Bunny! His name is Charlie My Daddy. He lives in China, where people are having trouble. He looks happy. He has a pet rabbit in his hands. It is a young rabbit named “Honey” or “Snuggly Rum”. He loves it for whatever reason. He loves it because it is a little something that is fun and snuggly. It’s a comfort situation. That’s a good word for it. Charlie My Daddy is saying “I’ll take care of you” to the rabbit. He is happy the way he is. He has the hands of someone who has worked very hard. He only has three fingers on the one hand that we can see. He worked on a farm, maybe on rice farms. He might be from New York, which is potentially nothing but trouble. You gotta be careful there – cars go “Zoom Zoom!” He’s had the rabbit Zero time, or long enough to have a friendly relationship. We don’t know how long they’ll be together – maybe a lifetime. Together they sleep, relax, and interact. Other people look at them and think “What a happy thing.” It should be good and happy, sharing with others. Told by members of
He’s got long legs. Oh boy! He sure is jumping. He is into the music. His name is Jumping Joe or Jumping Jack. He is in Texas. He is on his guitar, or maybe a violin. He’s no Gene Autry, that’s for sure, but he sounds good to me. The horse is patiently standing, waiting to go. The horse is just there, he’s part of the picture. You don’t have to give him anything. The performer has his own transportation to where ever he is going. Jumping Jack rode this horse here. He is jumping over the hill and playing besides. He’s going to feed the horse and give him some water. Jumping Jack has a family. He has a wife and two children. A boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Roger or Billy. The little girl is Phyllis or Betty. The family is at home in Chicago. His wife and kids are proud of him. They know he is having a good time. He’s just like the guy at the filling station in Hartford, CT who was soooo friendly. I He was a hillbilly! His wife is so lazy. She don’t want to do nothing but eat and sleep, sleep and eat. She is eating him out of house and home. Always want something, never get enough. Jumping Jack plays gospel, rock n roll, and soul music. Right now he is playing God Bless America on a TV Show in Texas. In my imagination, he’s doing what he does best, and that’s performing. He’s got his guitar to keep his mind concentrated or to help other people. And he’s getting away from the house so he won’t be bothered by his wife. He got his guitar and his horse and he GONE. Now he’s singing a soul song – “Baby please don’t go, ‘cause I love you so.” He plays a special song for his family called “Over the hill.” Next, he’s going to hitchhike. Or maybe he’ll get on his horse and ride. There are two possible endings: 1) He’s on Teutonia Avenue, hitchhiking and heading home. or 2) we think he might be getting on his horse and…he’s gone.
Although a crowd waited eagerly for Alice and Gert to declare that the pie table was open for business, pie placement cannot be rushed. These two friends had taken charge of the pie table back in 1978 when the village August-fest first began. Back then as young women eager to show off their flare for pies, they had baked for days. After more than three decades of baking and displaying their pies (and regularly selling everything they baked within the first hour), they had learned that a proper display, like the pies themselves, could not be hurried. Little could they know that today, the pie display and sale would not go according to plan. As soon as Gert set the hastily-scrawled "Open!" sign (somehow they could never remember to prepare one ahead of time) at the edge of the table, the crowd surged forward. Long-time customers knew precisely which pies they favored, and snatched them eagerly. Soon the popular butterscotch cream pies and apple pies were gone. People began to grumble that Alice and Gert hadn't planned well and that maybe it was even time for someone else to take over the pie table. Suddenly, out of the crowd emerged a person no one had ever seen before. With his dapper outfit and carefully-tended handlebar mustache, he looked distinctly out of place among village residents. "Excuse me," he said in a voice with just a trace of an accent. "Would you be the distinguished bakers named Alice and Gert?" Both women blushed at the same time and stammered, "yes." "Ah," he said, "I've come a long way in my search for the most wonderful pie in all the world. I've heard your names uttered far and wide and now at least, my search is over." With that, he held out an odd-looking gold coin that had a bluish glow surrounding it. A crowd began to gather as the man stood quietly, his hand extended with the strange coin, which now appeared to be pulsing with light from within, resting on his outstretched palm. Neither Gert nor Alice moved to accept the coin. Finally Alice managed to ask, "what kind of pie would you like? I'm afraid that the peach is already gone." "No peach?" he cried. "Well, then, I'll take this coconut custard one." With that he flung the coin on the table, grabbed the pie, and disappeared in a flash of blue light. Instantly, the table and the lawn all around it were filled with pies, more pies than anyone at the Autumn-fest had every seen. The crowd gasped and cheered and then they bought pies, so many in fact that Alice and Gert were able to retire from pie-making and set up a surfing shop in Malibu where they lived happily ever after.
(TOLD by Virginia, 87) This is on a beach - almost looks like snow. Is it snow? It would be hard for me to decide - I think. From looking at her clothes,it looks like Spring cause she is without a coat. But she has her feet in the water. Are her feet in the water? Yes, I think so. You know, it can't be cold becasue her feet are in the water. Her name might be Gloria Jean. She looks happy, she is smiling. She has a pretty dress on. But I wonder what color the dress is? Maybe blue, she could be wearing blue becasue she is by the water and it would be pretty. Maybe she is waiting there for someone - maybe her Dad or a boyfriend - to pick her up and take her on a boat ride. I have a feeling she might live close by. She is alone. But she is happy. Maybe she is talking to the person who is taking the picture. That person would not be a stranger - she wouldn't pose for a stranger. Are her feet in the water or in snow? Now why in the world would she be on a beach in a nice dress and black hose doing that pose?? Ha! She looks like me! (laughs)
The baby, the baby in the bag, the bay in the bag. Now you know where babies come from! The baby has a nice smile. The baby is a boy. I think it is a girl. It's a boy. His name is Traveling Thomas because he wants to go places. In the bag. That's the mystery, his mother put him there. I think it was good -- look he is so cute! He is in the bag because his mother put him in the bag. She is a nut! The baby looks hungry, maybe he needs a bottle. He likes a lot of milk. He'd like a candy bar, but then he is going to be sticky. Whose hand is up there? You need more than one hand to catch him. He's cute. He needs a lot of work. Is he a good baby? I think he is a good baby, sure, you can tell by the smile on his face. But he gets into mischief. Yah. He wants to get out and find a bed to sleep in. Who knows? There's a crib down there. He's gonna crawl down the stairs to the crib. His face says mischief all over it. No, I don't think so. It's a mystery, special mystery of when it all happened. What happened to this little baby? It's not so little. It was warm outside. He took the bag out and walked with the blanket. It told you a thing about him. This baby has a lot of energy. That's a very strong baby. Yeah-Right! That's good. He's got a smile on his face. His mother disappeared just temporarily. The baby has mischief, but he is smiling and hiding. Who is he hiding from? His mama. Because he didn't want to be in a crib. He didn't want to be...I don't know. She remembers he is there, she put him there. It's a big bag. The mother is a magic lady. A magic lady? Oh, oh oh a magic lady! We're going to make a story out of this yet. She is going to make Traveling Thomas disappear. Yeah, yeah. And then...she is going to make him disappear. that's right. Listen next week and you will find out...that's good. Let's find out next week in the next chapter! Let's send him to the Bahamas. No we're going to send him some place else. What fun! I doubt that's the end. I definitely do doubt it. We have a long way to go. We're going to take him on a lot of adventures. What else do we have to do? He could go to a fishing place. he has lots of places to be sent to. I don't think so. He's going to the Land of Ice Cream and Cookies. Yeah! Where else could he go? To the Land of Peppermint Airplanes. He is a nice baby! He could go--I said--he could go the...where could he go? Wherever I want? I want him to go where I want him to go. His Mom wants him to have a happy adventure. That's the end of this chapter. Listen in next week. No, this is not the end--it's the end of this chapter. We have nothing else to do but write more chapters.
The traveling baby appeared out of nowhere, in his own suitcase on the platform of the train station in Topeka. No one knew what his name was, so they decided to call him Sam, after Samsonite, the brand of luggage in which he was traveling. Sam was cared for by a local family, and this went fine for about a week or two. But then he started crying and wouldn't stop no matter what the family did. They knew then that Sam was full of wanderlust, and it was time for him to go traveling again. So they took him to the train station and put him on the next train to anywhere.
This is lover-boy, he's always a happy boy. Look at him grin from ear to ear. He looks so happy. Somebody has been tickling his chin. He thinks he's going on a trip with his family.
She is Jumping Jill. She's a show-off! She's at the Atlantic Ocean. She's from San Fransisco. Is she from Denver? She's from the Old Country. She's catching something. It look like she's catching a Frisbee. She's doing so good! There is a group of people gathering around cheering for her. You can't hear the waves. It's exhilerating. She is there with her daughter, Sherry. Sherry is throwing the Frisbee. Jumping Jill says "One more bang and it's over!". She catches it and bows to the crowd and says "Thank you, thank you". Sherry runs up to her and gives her a big hug and says "Good job!". Jumping Jill is very warm and says to Sherry, "Let's go get some ice-cream!"
We’re at the beach in Atlantic City, NJ. See those pants hanging on the line--way in back? They’re drying there because there are no clothes dryers at the beach! (Arleen) It’s 1918--WOW--maybe 1930. This is Elizabeth Pearls Parnos. (Della, Harvey) She’s Greek. She’s an actor--no, an actress. (Pat) Maybe she’s a gypsy. She can fly! She started off as a gypsy at the actress camp. Elizabeth looks young. She’s about 28 or 30 or maybe 40. (Ellen) She has no gray hair yet. Her hair is black and she has brown eyes. She’s a brown-eyed beauty. (And so am I, says Gladys!) She’s feeling happy because she’s free and because the birds and bees aren’t kicking sand in her face. She’s wearing the bathing suit of the times with a skirt on it. It’s black and gold and silver and white. Elizabeth is married, we think, or maybe she’s single. She has two children, Bill and Sally, who are 10 and 7 years old. They’re not with her. She looks too happy to have kids. Behind her is a photographer with a tripod or a step-ladder. (Dolores, Richard) She hears music; she hears JOY. It sounds like laughing. Something funny is happening. She looks like she’s in a daze like she’s thinking of something beautiful--of flowers. (Ellen) She’s posing to look good in the picture. They’ll develop the pictures in the lab. They’ll put the pictures in a magazine--Time Magazine or Ladies Home Companion. And her kids will be so proud of her. We all agree!