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Table of Goodies

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Merry Josephine(on the right)and her sister Mary (on the left) are getting the kids' plates ready. "Merry" Josephine, as she is called because she was born on Christmas, is a good seamstress, taught her younger sister how to make dresses. Mary is the cake baker and is good at playing games with the kids. It's a cool June day at the park by the Lake and the family is having a pot luck for Grandma's birthday. She is 97! It's also Father's Day. Where are the men? Playing horseshoes and smoking pipes! What a big family. There must be at least 200 people here! Merry Josephine and Mary can hardly hear each other over all the laughter and conversation. Merry Josephine wonders "what kind of pie is this?" The sisters exchange recipes while someone, "who is that, I don't know" takes their picture for maybe the family album or maybe the local paper. Why not? Everyone is having a good time. The young men better hurry and get back to the farm to do chores. You don't know about that time, but that's how it is. Cows need to be milked, party or not. I wonder if there'll be any leftovers to take home, everything looks so good! Let's do this again soon!

The end