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Cassandra, she combs her hair. Her beautiful hair. Sitting on a bench looking pensive, on her backyard patio with the fence behind her.

She’s 19 years old, a college student who loves the outdoors. It’s the fall of the year, and she loves the change of seasons, and the change from non-educational to highly educational, too.

But most of all she loves music. All kinds.
She can play Peter Paul & Mary songs – like Blowin’ in the Wind.
And gospel, like Amazing Grace and It Is Well with My Soul.
And today she’s playing an old pop standard, Autumn Leaves.
[We sang all the songs, too!]

She sings and plays so beautiful, the birds listen and sing with her. They’re not gone south for the winter yet. Lucky them. And lucky Cassandra, she’s happy and joyous, getting away from everything. Peaceful. But serious-minded and concentrating too. Maybe even seems sad – she might have just lost her boyfriend. Or maybe because her name sends a mixed message. In Greek Mythology, Cassandra got in trouble with the gods.

Now her quiet time is over. She’s leaving to play a big deal concert in a big outdoor concert hall. She’s happy and trepidatious at the same time. She gets so frightened, up there playing her guitar, that she can’t go on. She freezes.

But her friends and family are there in the audience. They cheer her on! From them, she gets the strength to go on to a great success. AMEN!!!