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Pretty Lady Standing in the Water

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(TOLD by Virginia, 87)
This is on a beach - almost looks like snow. Is it snow? It would be hard for me to decide - I think. From looking at her clothes,it looks like Spring cause she is without a coat. But she has her feet in the water. Are her feet in the water?

Yes, I think so.

You know, it can't be cold becasue her feet are in the water. Her name might be Gloria Jean. She looks happy, she is smiling. She has a pretty dress on.

But I wonder what color the dress is? Maybe blue, she could be wearing blue becasue she is by the water and it would be pretty.

Maybe she is waiting there for someone - maybe her Dad or a boyfriend - to pick her up and take her on a boat ride.

I have a feeling she might live close by. She is alone. But she is happy.

Maybe she is talking to the person who is taking the picture. That person would not be a stranger - she wouldn't pose for a stranger. Are her feet in the water or in snow?

Now why in the world would she be on a beach in a nice dress and black hose doing that pose??

Ha! She looks like me! (laughs)