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A Boys Best Friend

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Somebody's in trouble. This boy is not in trouble, his best friend is a dog. This boy is a larikin. He climbs trees and his dog goes around him barking and protecting him and he shares his biscuits with his dog. His name is Jason Robert Thomas and his dog's name is Sniffer. The dog is asking a question. "What are you up to?" "When I finish my snack we will go back to the park." His family is in the garden. He thinks he is in trouble, not in trouble. He is happy because he hasn't been caught yet. He has a sister, she is at home. His best friend is his dog. His sister will come later. He has pinched a big bowl making himself a cake and when the dog came in he thought it was his sister. His eyes look guilty. He has given some to the dog to keep him quiet. He enjoys his biscuits and there is a drink beside him. Coca Cola. Look at the dog, thinking should I let the dog lick my fingers and then maybe he will give me part of his biscuit. He has got something on his face, jam and the dog says "give me some biscuit." He is sitting down at the same level as the dog, eye to eye contact. "Can you give me some biscuits", says the dog. The boy had his cookies and the dog has his cookies and he has a tear in his trousers from climbing trees. He calls the dog across to him and the dog will eat the lot "lets just keep this between us”.

This story was created by Fran, Margaret, Stella, and John at Calvary Rehabilitation Unit on March 25, 2013.