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The entire family was waiting for the big Halloween Show to begin. They had arrived early to be sure they got in and got good seats. The family consists of Grandpa John, a retired logger who forgot his socks what with all the women telling him to 'Hurry Up!' on one end, Grandma Mary at the other end of the metal folding chairs. Between them are Phyllis with her baby daughter Lizzie on her lap, Phyllis likes to call Lizzie 'Twinkle Toes' because the little girl loves to try walking on her tiny toes. Today though Lizzie is more interested in her Aunt Josie's toes. Josie thinks HER own toes are too long and is always trying to disguise them. She tried painting them different wild colors, but that just got more attention. Today Josie decided that since this is a Halloween Show, she would just wear the feet of an old gorilla costume. Unfortunately Lizzie cannot take her eyes off of her Aunt Josie's gorilla feet; she is fascinated, she can't seem to look away, which Josie fears is drawing more attention to her feet. Josie doesn't realize that gorilla feet will ALWAYS draw attention if one is not a gorilla! Oh well, that's just the way Josie is about her feet and long, long toes.
The show will be starting soon and the family is happy to be all together to enjoy this Halloween fun. Lizzie has been sitting patiently for an hour just staring at those gorilla feet, the whole family will be glad when the show begins and hopefully pulls Lizzie's attention away from Josie's feet.