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The Pinic Party Together

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It take place in the evening of 1965. A group at the party is a school group because there kids and adults. It takes place at a picnic party. It either has to be a church group or a school group. The people are cooking cakes, pancakes, ciders, and other various of cakes. People are sitting and people are standing, enjoying their time. The women's are very nice cooks. The two girls know each other because they all know each other. No one is a stranger. One girl is name Ellery and the other girl is Cassandra. We think they know each other but not entirely sure. The names are Ellery Davis and Cassandra Davis. They might be sisters. We think they are. The family in the audience watching. There a lot of cakes to feed. The audience include family members but mostly people waiting to eat the many cakes. Before was a meeting so that they're waiting for cakes to be ready. The purpose is becayse it is a holiday or a birthday party. We think it is a holiday party with family. They are gathering outside enjoying the weather before it gets cold as in Christmas season. Music is playing in the background mostly social music. People are talking and laughing. They serve everyone and everyone sits down and have a great time. It turns out to be a holiday party. We just never found out what kind of holiday.