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Coco & Mary Ann well known adventures

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The story includes two females name Mary Ann and Coco. One is the instructor and one is the student. It take place on a stage in a studio on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood California. It is the year 1990. There is an audience filled with students watching them. The students in the audience is learning. The audience is about 7 hundred people. The audience feel happy cause it is a chance for something new, it could be preparing for a motion film but we are not sure. Coco is the instructor teaching Mary Ann how to fight. MaryAnn and Coco are trying to dance with swords. Coco is known for discipline. They get along very well. They known each other for 5 years. Met in class. They are well known together. We think Coco wins, she can beat everyone. We don't know for sure because it might just be for fun. It's a great way for showing how to do. They normally wear a dress. The audience might be watching for film or it's for class. It was Coco idea to put them on stage, so they can dress accordingly. They feel fine and enjoy it. the class is doing fine as well. if they are being filmed then they will be in motion picture. Coco has the big role to show everyone. The rule for the audience is 1. to be quiet 2. Sit back and enjoy. The student do not have to worry no one is in danger. There music in the background, soft but enough to cover the voices. The type of music can be Mozart social music. But no Jazz. After they will take a picture. The students have a good time. Ecveryone is happy. Coco is poular. the picture wil