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Sandy the cat

Make Up a Story

Megan and Stanford are dancing. They are trying to do the Poka. In the background you can hear the song. Stanford was the one who asked Megan to dance. Megan was mad at him because he got her red tape... So he asked her to dance to cheer her up. Their cat Sandy is trying to get in-between. Sandy sounds like "meowww". Megan is a secretary and Stanford is dressed awfully nice. so he is a cowboy. They bought a studio outside of the city. The city is San Diego. Next time they want to move to San Francesco. They met freshman year. Megan and Stanford been together for 5 years, They moved around a lot because he a military cowboy. After this dance, Stanford Proposed. He says "Meg be my wife please?" Megan says "yesss" and that is how they got engaged. Sandy is unhappy about it. She keep saying "meow meow meow". They go out to eat Bbq chicken for lunch. They left the studio in the city because Emily is waiting. We do not know who Emily is because we have to wait next story.