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The legend of the "Bigfoot"

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In the Appalachian region, generations pass down the legend of "Bigfoot." The elders at Pickett Care and Rehab have solved the mystery of the "Bigfoot Legend." The "Bigfoot" accounts and eye witness statements can be traced back to the lady pictured here. The elders account that the lady photographed here was a resident in this home and wore boots that looked like ape feet. The elders say that this lady had very large feet and the "ape like" boots were worn to accommodate those abnormally large feet. The "ape like" boots were made specially for her by David Crockett whom she ran into one day while taking a casual stroll through the woods in her fur vest. After she ran into Mr. Crockett and purchased the boots she resumed her stroll down the mountain and went into town. Later that day while grocery shopping she heard two hunters discussing a large furry creature with huge feet running through the woods. She approached the hunters and told them about a creature she called "crazy feet." The hunters told all their hunting buddies to be cautious in the woods and be on the lookout for the crazy big footed creature and so the big foot legend was born.