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A Day at the Casino

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By the storytellers of the Huntington.

The gals are in Atlantic City - they went to the casino, they're playing craps.
They're spending their social security money but they're happy.
They dressed up - they got a seven.
They're havin' fun - showin' off their pretty new dresses.
Maybe their husbands are frowning.
Mum and sis - Mary (husband Mick) and Margaret (husband Mike), they're sisters.
They're retired but very wealthy - that's why the girls like 'em.
They have grown children (losers) named Peter, Paul, and Mary. They make beautiful music together. The kids are okay with them gambling, "As long as it's your money, it's okay." They're on an allowance anyway.
Mary and Margaret both know that they have a seven - they're spending money (their husbands' money).
They go once a year (that's all they can afford).
They like to nap, eat, they love to go play bridge at the Huntington on Tuesdays, but they'd really prefer poker.
First, they bought a dress from the same store - they sure got dressed up!
They ate lunch: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potato chips, chocolate milk, and a banana.
They're drinking a naked Bloody Mary - at the table you need a drink.
They can sit down and watch the bar, go to the floor show, take a swim, walk on the boardwalk with the pigeons.
Next, they go home and take a nap so they can see the floor show tonight.
They see the diving horse then come back to the Huntington and collapse.
They lost money on the dice throw - all they had! $2.
Then they got lucky: they won enough to have a meal and get home to collapse (not likely!).
Tomorrow the will burn up what they did today, go out and spend their money again.
They get their money from their allowance, their husbands, Social Security, the ATM.
Atlantic City gets women in by the busloads.
Mick and Mike are playing the slot machines.
Mary and Margaret were both homemakers - they were not upset about it, they didn't mind it at all.
Their husbands worked for the railroad - they wrote a song (I've Been Workin' on the Railroad). They had a very good retirement.
They like to spend money, cook, eat - they're dressed very nicely.
They like to play the roulette wheel.
We hear the band, slot machines going "tick-tick-tick," chips, glasses, ice, some people crying who lost their money, laughter, bells of the Salvation Army on the corner (they're always near the casinos).
They're having fun.
Lesson/Moral: Don't lose your money. Life is a gamble. Quit while you're ahead.
They both lived happily ever after because they were winners!