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The arm

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The man is near the chair. Or it could be a women in front of the black drop. He or she is wearing a fancy sweater with black gloves. She is leaning against a light fixture. The chair is expensive because of the brass knuckles embroidered into it. She is holding a cup filled with coffee. "If only this was wine!" said the women. It's taking place in the next destination.
She got this drink from Susie Bell. Susie bell is her maid. The year us 1947, two years after the war.
She is a fashion icon. She is wonderful. She always has the newest fashion trend. She waiting for a young man. A young honors in the Army. She keep saying " Let's go Ray". He was in the war, running around and around, as well as being held captive. She wants another big cups because it is taking forever to wait.
They walked right into the country once they were reunited. Ray and the mysterious women from the chair walks out of the bar into a farm. The end.