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Henry’s Last Performance

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The man is dancing or running; he is late, maybe for a train or a performance. He has a note in his hand. The note maybe the time of the train, or a phone number, or the time of his performance.
Henry can hear the train coming and people are talking. They are wondering why he is running. He sees someone in the crowd he knows.
Henry was looking at the crowd and studying his note, when the train whistled and he knew he was late. Henry is a dancer and a singer, late for his next performance.
Nine times out of ten, Henry’s late. He woke up late because he forgot to set the alarm clock. His girlfriend is waiting and it's New Year's Eve.
As Henry is always late, he should be fired by now. Henry is going to the Palace Theatre. He got reprimanded and some of the audience booed him because the performance started so late. He's got a big ego and deserved everything he got. His boss was also angry but Henry is full of himself.
Henry gets fired and the audience gets their money back. He leaves the Palace, crying and looking for a new job. The theater didn't need him, they have plenty of talent. He was shown no mercy.