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It is October 31, Halloween and there is going to be a Halloween party at Me. Hood elementary school. There will be prizes for costumes so Sally is helping her friend, Tina adjust her Spider Girl mask. Sally has her mask in her back pack; both girls will be Spider Girl at the party. There are excited, happy voices all around as everyone gets ready for the party. Teachers are blowing whistles, and clapping as they attempt to gather students and make order of all the chattering and giggling children.
The teachers will be running guessing games, bobbing for apples and pumpkin carving activities as well as judging the children's costumes. Some will be handing around treats which will include pumpkin related pastries such as pies and tarts, there will also be roasted pumpkin seeds.
After the party the children will be going out Trick or Treating with parents and older siblings. Halloween is such a fun day! Sally and Tina wish every day was Halloween so they could be Spider Girl every day.