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Diamond in the Back

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That's a Chevy convertible. It could be Paul Newman's car. Or it belongs to the people in the store. Or it's James' brother's car. They are going to get a hamburger. Or pick up some ladies downtown at a restaurant.

Bob is driving this car with his girlfriend Avion.

Joyce will show off her car at the lake front and get some ice cream. She'll be listening to Chaka Kahn, Temptations, and Luther Vandross.

Paul will get the keys and head to Texas. He won't know what he'll do there until he gets there.

Allie will drive her car to work and to the hospital.

Marilyn will take her friend Liddy downtown and buy some clothes.

Carol and her sister will go downtown.

Eddy and Smylie will drive around sight seeing.

Minnie's mom says, "Where are you going and where is it you went?"

We're going cruising with our sunglasses on and a nice shirt. This car should be in a car show. It's a classical car. Black.

The car's owner is inside getting a hot dog so everyone can see how lovely the car it. But, he's watching out the window so nobody takes off with it. But he's going to go to jail because he stole that car. He'll be making collect calls for someone to come and help.

(We play Curtis Mayfield's song Diamond in the Back and wear our sunglasses and pretend we're driving. It was fun!)