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    Twas' The Night Before Christmas Morning

    Somebody left a cup of hot coffee for Santa Claus, it was Mrs. Claus who gave Santa coffee before he went to work. Santa Claus is sitting at home in Hospice in Charlotte with his family of Elves w... More »

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    Keep on Rolling

    Lucy and Ethel went to the casino. They tried their luck at the dice table. They rolled the dice in hopes of winning lots of money. While at the dice table they met two handsome old goats named Pe... More »

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    Wendy The Birthday Gal

    This story is about a girl name Wendy. She about to be 16 years old in 3 hours on this day. She was born at 6 o'clock. She was born in a small city in New York but currently lives in New Jersey. Th... More »

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    After Furry and Fuzzy

    The Story takes place with Furry the dog and Fuzzy the cat in a garage. Furry and Fuzzy are next to a big awkward thing in the middle of the room. It looks like a bundle of day. Furry the dog knock... More »

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    There are two dogs, Barkley and Bentley. They're discussing and joking, trying to figure things out. They're admiring the cars, trying to figure out which one is best - which one of them and which ... More »

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    By Storytellers at Butterfly Unit - Session 2 They're playing Rugby He lost his umbrella It's not lost cos I can see it quite clearly It just dropped out of his hands. They're running for th... More »

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    The Convincing Car Ride

    This is Rover and Sandy. Rover is on the left side and Sandy is on the right side. They are originally from the North, Minnesota or something. It seems that they are thirsty because they are bo... More »

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    Help Others... With Cookies

    The little boy might be in trouble Somehow he got the cookie jar down to the ground, he got one in his hand waiting to get one in his mouth They are compadres in this scheme! A bite for me and a... More »

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    The Uncle who is not

    Im gonna be that old one of these days She looks like a grandma that’s waiting to get picked up Grandpa Moses is holding the court She must not be winning because she looks really mad Having... More »

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    The Jolly Mailman

    Henry has gifts to deliver and he has received a gift - perhaps a box of chocolates! - and it has made him very happy. Too bad it wasn't a scarf or gloves because it looks cold. This is Vermont a... More »

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    Have yourself a Merry Christmas

    Mark Jeff is about to be 16 years old. He went to the record store earlier to buy all his gifts that he going to pass out. His birthday is 11/17. Mark is either weighing the books or holding record... More »

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    Lady Luck

    It's Joanne's 80th birthday. Her daughter, becky, surprised her with a trip on a casino riverboat. It was her first time ever gambling. She was very nervous at the thought of losing her money. Howe... More »

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    Don't be mean to the cat

    The day after thanksgiving, the family put up the Christmas tree. After everyone went to bed, the pets went wild. The cat was blamed for knocking over the tree. But the dog looked guilty because he... More »

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    Cute little baby in a purse

    Cute little baby in a leather purse. It left hand is on the side, holding onto the edge. I guess its a boy baby. Actually, I don't know if it is boy or girl. It's a big purse and the baby is real s... More »

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    Two Dogs

    Two dogs, golden retrievers were facing each other in two different cars out the window. It was a sunny hot day so the owner left the window open. They didn't jump out or cause trouble, they just l... More »