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    As The Birds Sing

    A local Baptist church decide to have an outside revival on a beautiful summer day. The band Treo praise God, who enjoy singing together. As their sound echo across the horizon, the birds sing a... More »

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    Look at my ice cream!

    Tito is wearing an orange shirt while Carlos is wearing a blue shirt. Carlos is 7 years old and Tito is 6 years old. They both live in Cubao. Cristina and Rudy are their parents. They are both stu... More »

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    Dance! Dance! Dance!

    A grandmother and her grandson are dancing at a party. The grandmother`s name is Maria while her grandson`s name is Pit. They are dancing different types of dance! Cha-cha, Salsa, Tango, Balse an... More »

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    How to Love?

    There are two people walking with each other at the park just in front of a church in Luneta Park. Madelene is the name of the girl while Herman is the name of the boy. Herman and Madelene ar... More »

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    How Are You?

    On a busy road of Qiuapo, there were two stationary cars driven by Douglas and Don Juan who came from the supermarket. Inside the vehicle, a dog named William is busy with his study. Then he lo... More »

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    So Sleepy

    On a Saturday night of the year 1980, There is a train full of noisy people, and a scent of cigarette smoke and banana in the air. Riding a train on their way home from Bicol to Manila, is atty. ... More »

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    Tfajla Romantika

    By the Storytellers at St Vincent De Paul Qeghda l-Imnajdra Fuq Ir-Ramel Konkos, mhux ramel. Le ghax inkella taqa u tweggha. Fuq ir-Ramel. Kien l-erbgha u bnazzi Gurnata Xemxija Dik Ste... More »

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    By the storytellers at Butterfly Unit, Simblija. At the back of the gentleman you see horns. I think she's dancing. She's getting quite excited. She's got all those musicians around and she'... More »

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    Lora Lee's Beach Adventure

    Ms. Lora Lee Bell was visiting Myrtle Beach on vacation with her family. Her grand kids were throwing a Frisbee when it took off in a gust of wind. Ms. Lora Lee Bell sprung from her towel where she... More »

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    The Big Man

    It looks like a dog with a crown. Let’s name it a King or a Princess name. Let’s call him Charlemagne. It looks like a brick walkway in France. Oui, medames. Oui, monsieur. Probably in Paris. It co... More »

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    Let’s call him Bruce or little Carl, maybe Susie? Could be his twin sister Susie. Somebody just adopted him. That’s why he’s so happy. Two bodies. He has a family. He has a big smile. He has a lovi... More »

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    Playing in the snow on Christmas Day

    The children are someone’s grandchildren, they remind me of my grandchildren. These children are wonderful grandchildren that would remind many grandparents of their family. They belong to a young ... More »

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    A Mother's Mischieveious Little Girl

    During summer, Shannon a 10 year old little girl was out in her back yard. She had a handful of corn and was teasing the neighbor's chickens through the fence. The chickens are pocking their heads ... More »

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    Untitled Story

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    Sand Ball and Fun Day at the Beach

    So, it looks like they are at school and its recess. These two are about to fight. They look like African because of the way they are playing hopscotch. They are all on the beach, not at school.... More »