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    A night out

    G: They are playing a game, it looks like shuffle board, they are throwing something, dice. L:It is like some kind of quiz. G:They are two sisters and their names are Willemien and Saar. They li... More »

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    A happy girl

    She jumps up in the air for joy, it’s a happy girl who is called Johanna or Angeline. She is on the beach. Lucie says: she jumps up in the air for joy. Beebs: she plays Frisbee with another woman o... More »

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    The challenge

    “its winter”, says Dora, “throwing snowballs and a bit of boxing”. “Quarrelling” says Harry “and a bit of fighting, they’re Ambonesians.” According to Mrs. Poelder they are on the beach. Geerie fin... More »

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    John and His Pal

    The cat's name is Cat or Felix like in the cartoon. The boy's name is John. It is a big cat. They are enjoying each others company and are acting silly and happy. They get along with each other... More »

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    Walkin In The Rain

    She is walking in the rain on her way to work or shopping. Her name is Mary Sue and the month is September because she is wearing a long sleeve blouse and no coat. She is smiling. Mary Sue's car... More »

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    Francessa and the rabbit

    The story is about a little girl who holding a baby animal. The animal is a very rare rabbit. She holding the very rare rabbit close to her chest. The rabbit is soft like a teddy bear but it's n... More »

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    Tabitha and her exerpeience

    Her name is Tabitha and she close to 18 years old. She is alone and sitting on a moving chair. Cars are moving pass her. It sounds like "Vroom Vroom" and smells like cookies and pasta. It's dark ou... More »

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    The Greatest Gift is Love

    What is the greatest gift to receive? Your mom and dad. They brought you into this world with God's blessing. Life itself! Your children. They live with you. It's a blessing to have the... More »

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    The Wedding Feast in Ścinawa

    On a wedding the mother-in-law and bridegroom are dancing the folk dance: waltz, polonez or mazur. They didn't invite us on the wedding. The "Concord" band is playing along. Little Mary and ... More »

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    The Two Boxers Fight

    Two boxers look like want to fight. Three fans are watching, this one who crouches is a refree. They train the fight on sports field nearby the school or on the meadow. Who will win? Charls... More »

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    Barn Yard

    Once on a big farm, in the middle of Virginia, a sow laid in pain. She had carried her baby piglets for months. After long days of dragging her big belly, she was ready to give birth. The farmer ... More »

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    A Fabulous Love Story

    The Texas Cowboy. The Rhinestone Cowboy. His name is Jack. His horse’s name is Double Eye. Oh, he’s a cowboy and he’s playing his guitar. He’s wearing his cowboy hat and his cowboy boots. He’s p... More »

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    Here's hoping

    By the storytellers at Butterfly Unit, Simblija Gardens. He's got lovely white teeth. He jumped into a plane It's what he's doing Not even a dog, or a cat It looks like he's trying to jump i... More »

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    Arival on plane!

    The last name is Mackien and the first name is Sandy for one of the girls, she trying to get a donut. The other girl name is Brenda Ingrid Grace. They are sisters. They're making cards in the tree.... More »

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    The boxer in the beach, staring at the bay

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