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    Its Autumn !

    There's a couple That girl is in white. The whole lot is lovely. I don't know the area. She goes swimming. I like swimming. I have a house near the sea and we go there in summer. I like En... More »

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    What is your fantasy trip?

    Street cars. Cars. Zoom, zoom. Bus. Train. Chugga, chugga, chugga, chugga... Airplane. Errrrrr... (hand motioning the flight of an airplane) Home. MY Home. My family: mom, dad. ... More »

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    Recollections of the Beach in the Past

    He’s jumping high. He’s jumping for joy. He’s very happy. No, he’s sweaty and he wants to get into the water to cool off. It may be deep water. He’s on vacation. He’s a young man. He’s 19. His na... More »

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    Good Times......Ruby at Mardi Gras

    She’s at Mardi Gras. She looks very happy about it. She has her mask ready to wear. She’s got a parka over her shirt. She’s prepared for rain. She’s acting childlike. Oh, she’s a grandma having fu... More »

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    Lee James The Alter Boy

    A child is sick in bed and we all think it is a boy. We will call him Lee James. It looks like he may have broken his arm. The rooms looks bare. He may be in a monastery. The doctor must be th... More »

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    Suzie Q and Her Guitar

    This is a woman and her guitar. We think her name is Suzie Q. She is playing music. It must be fall because of the beautiful leaves all around her. We think she is just playing for herself and sing... More »

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    It is springtime in the Enchanted Forest, birds are chirping, the trees are so green. Floating on the fresh air is the delicious scent of corned ... More »

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    Untitled Story

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    Hollywood Flaming

    The little kids were playing til they get hurt and when somebody jumps up and fights them. They are smiling and happy. Singing songs. Rock and roll guitar. The Mommas and the Pappas. ... More »

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    The Fugitive

    By the storytellers at Butterfly Unit, Simblija Gardens He's going to jump off and hurt his head. He's looking at a Boat - a small boat There are birds above him 4 or 7 He'd never jump - beca... More »

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    Anchors Away Came True

    Jake is in Northern California, he is at a park with a pond. This story takes place in 1952, it is springtime, April to be exact. He is walking across the rocks to talk to a woman named Barbara, wh... More »

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    Peace and Quiet

    This takes place in Wyoming, its the summer of 1989. Gregory, or Greg for short is with his 2 dogs, Butch and Lady. They have been fishing and hiked up to this top of this hill to look at the Valle... More »

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    Playing Fly

    My favourite childhood game is called 'Fly'. I don't know why it has this name - no-one does any flying in it but there is a lot of careful jumping, leaping and running. For equipment, you need ... More »

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    It looks like straw. Somewhere in Africa, we see a village behind the third man but Wanda says it is a woman. They all look like men to me, says Isaac, Barbara and Bob. Do they make a fire from ... More »