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  • Water

    Every morning, all the time It feels good on your face sometimes is blue and fast It calms and help It is everywhere for everyone More »

  • It's Complicated
    Poor Judgement

    We are looking at a picture of a dock near a lake. Two people were sitting on a bench. It is a mother and child. They are looking at the white caps as they roll towards shore. The water has come... More »

  • Hidden
    Humanity of It

    By Chriss, Susie, Imogene, Doug, Ada Two people, a little boy and a little girl, are from the U.S boarder. It is in the paper all the time. One is on the other’s back. The girl looks like she ... More »

  • Hidden
    A Tired Bear

    A bear laying flat on his belly with glasses on his head. Not doing anything, just like a bear. I wonder if he has the same glasses that I do. If I break mine maybe I can get a new pair from where... More »

  • Risking It
    Two nuns and a milkshake

    Through a picture window, two woman are sharing a milkshake. It doesn't seem odd by any means, except that they are both nuns and they are both wearing their uniforms! Their names are Lucy and ... More »

  • It's Complicated

    Well, isn't this something! There is a little girl riding a crocodile!!! Her name is Lucille. She is about 8 years old. She might be 5 or 6. She really should be afraid of this crocodile but... More »

  • It's Complicated

    Pete and Repeat were tired after driving their fancy buggy drawn by their horse, Molly, in the Spring Parade. The pair are always a popular addition to any parade or occasion. The they enjoy cl... More »

  • Water
    Goat Farm

    Jeff, Mutt, and Moe are in the boat with Granny trying to cross the bayou to get to the other side. Granny is taking the goat family to the vet to get their shots, and go shopping in New Iberia. Wh... More »

  • Unfinished Business by the storytellers at Residential Living Services

    Unfinished business is something that was not discussed. They didn’t finish was they were supposed to do and they don’t want to discuss it. Some things you have to keep to yourself. “Yes, she’s ... More »

  • Only in Milwaukee
    Only In Milwaukee

    By: Edward, Niecey, Pam, Dorothy, Mr. Lois, Karen, Ora, Pearl and Kat. St. Partick's Day. I like Milwaukee, I've lived here a long time. I went to a brewer's game. Toys for tots are given away h... More »

  • Unfinished Business by the Storytellers at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care

    Ms. Williams doesn't have any unfinished business. Miss Karen hasn't made her first million yet. Joyce says it means business we haven't finished yet. Ms. Dorothy didn't stay in high school long... More »

  • Only in Milwaukee
    By the storytellers at Saint Ann's Intergenerational Care Center

    By Emil, Alan, Julio, Mary and Donna Cruising and Cream Puffs Julio says there are a lot of pretty women. And there are some bad guys. Fish fry Friday! Go to Scotty’s bar and get fish. Ju... More »

  • Only in Milwaukee
    Only in Milwaukee from the storytellers at St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care (Bucyrus Campus)

    St. Patrick’s Day! I like Milwaukee, I’ve been here a long time. I went to a Brewers game. All kinds of beer. We’re brewers. We make beer! Summerfest. Mayor Meyer caused a lot of grief. We... More »

  • Acquired Taste
    Sweet Pickles by the storytellers at St. Ann's Intergenerational Care Center

    By Robert and Diana Sweet pickles. Going to a lot of stuff. It’s a good thing. You would go there, there, there. If you do that stuff and you’re trying to do all things. Just see where it... More »

  • Water
    Save Water by the storytellers at St. Ann's Center for Intergenerational Care

    By Kenneth, Diana, Buzz, and Julio My mother told me to drink a lot of water. We could be where there is water. We are in Wisconsin. There's plenty of water in Wisconsin. Water is to dri... More »