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  • Summer Cookout by H. Hargrove
    Home on the Farm

    It looks like Fall. The leaves have turned on the trees. Could be the 4th of July or Labor Day. They are having a cookout, a BBQ, a family gathering, a picnic. Kids are playing on a swing. The ... More »

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    A Morning in Brooklyn - Grandma Dancing

    This is grandma Annie and her grandson Jack. It’s warm and they are at a summer Party in Brooklyn New York! They are very happy and ecstatic! Annie is wearing a faded violet-light blue-purple dres... More »

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    A Fun Day at the Beach

    A father and his son are playing catch. The boy doesn't have the happiest expression. Hopefully, the little boy will land in his father's arms. He looks like he aimed right. The father's name i... More »

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    Wedding Feast in Ścinawa

    On a wedding the mother-in-law and bridegroom are dancing the folk dance: waltz, polonez or mazur. They didn't invite us on the wedding. The "Concord" band is playing along. Little Mary and ... More »

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    A family affair

    Father John and his son Jim, are dedicated Patriots fans. They are singing the "Star Spangled Banner" and Happy Birthday to someone at the gathering.It is a family picnic. It's a beautiful day and ... More »

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    Outing with dad

    It takes place on a Monday or a Tuesday. In the front of Washington fort. IT could be the weekend but who knows. The lady is Ila. Ila could be a maid or could be a student. Look how she dressed. A ... More »

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    Old Town Resturants

    Takes place outside a record store, or it could be indoors. There a boy and a girl. The girl name is either Jennifer or Jennifer cause it is a cute name. The boy name is Gerry with a G. They look l... More »

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    It's Special

    They are dancing! He sure is hanging on to her. In the background we see a chair, a man with an instrument, and two boys are watching the dancing. Someone is getting married today and everyone... More »

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    They are outside or in a club. They are dancing, maybe the last dance of the evening. Ina sees some nice banners on the wall but Isaac says it is a hat. There is a man playing the guitar and a m... More »

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    Family Dancing

    Here we have people together dancing and having fun. One is Grandma, she has white hair. There is singing and waltzing too. There is a barbershop in the background; a flag is on the building. Th... More »

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    Untitled Story

    By Savannah A grandson is dancing with his grandma at a family reunion. There’s soul music, or like jazz. Grandma Penny was telling her grandson Eli, no, Elias, stories about how her and her hus... More »

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    Having Fun

    It looks like he is dancing with his mother. His name is Dale and he is dancing with his mother Marge. They are on the street at a street dance. They are practicing. They could be listening to the ... More »

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    As The Birds Sing

    A local Baptist church decide to have an outside revival on a beautiful summer day. The band Treo praise God, who enjoy singing together. As their sound echo across the horizon, the birds sing a... More »

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    Dance! Dance! Dance!

    A grandmother and her grandson are dancing at a party. The grandmother`s name is Maria while her grandson`s name is Pit. They are dancing different types of dance! Cha-cha, Salsa, Tango, Balse an... More »

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    The Adventures of a Young Manand his Mother

    They are dancing! An old lady and a young man-it must be his mother. Looks like a banquet in he back. A band is playing so they're dancing to the music. There's some nice looking guys in the backg... More »