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hi dogs
The baby, the baby in the bag, the bay in the bag. Now you know where babies come from! The baby has a nice smile. The baby is a boy. I think it is a girl. It's a boy. His name is Traveling Thomas because he wants...(Read More)
This picture reflects a man. A man whose name is Sing George Lee, but everyone calls him Chang Pao. Sing is a middle-aged man. He is currently in his living room in a settlement apartment building, but it wasnt...(Read More)
Lyle is a simple man. (that would be a good title for a song). He is autistic or maybe just eccentric. He wears his hat year round. He is the grandson of Sylvester and Sylvia. They are rich. He is at their...(Read More)
Mr. and Mrs.Smith, or less formally, Sylvia and Sylvester are taking a break because they moved into the retirement village. There's a big discussion. The two older ones got through to them and the younger ones are...(Read More)
A girl is standing at the front or back of a building. She’s wearing orange gloves because she doesn’t like touching dirty things. Her arms are up because she got caught or she is getting ready to catch something....(Read More)
Humpty Dumpty/ Adam (age 25) is climbing a pole. There is something on top that he wants to reach, but he might have a hard time getting down. He might have been climbing up to fix the broken light on top, and now...(Read More)
Susan is cleaning up after lunch at a nursing home. She is shocked and surprised-perhaps she forgot to serve someone. Right before, the patients had bread for lunch and coffee, and ice cream. The candles are still...(Read More)
Loretta- Because chickens make a “cock-a doodle-do” every hour. Behind the wall a person is talking with another- Jerry and Gary. They are trying to mess with Loretta by making chicken noises. Why? Because they...(Read More)
The horizon tucked behind the green blanketed hillsides and little Billy muttered to his dog Jasmine, "Come on girl, we've got a ways to go."