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That's one big dog! Buster or Wolf. How about Busta-Wolf, because he's trying to bust out. Ha ha ha ha ha! He can't get out of that little door. His body is bigger than that opening. Maybe its just a doggie...(Read More)
Never met a woman so dressed in blue. She's called Sweet Sophie, who woulda knew? Strumming the guitar on a nice fall day. People passing by, but nobody say "hey". Sweet Sophie, Sweet Sophie In the sunlight she...(Read More)
That dog is checking on his friend. The boy has bare knees. He must of fallen down and tore his pants. Maybe he slipped getting the cookies. His name is Wayne. The dog is Rover. That's a good name for a dog. He is...(Read More)
The two boys are going to have a fight. They are at school on the playground. Bud and Bane are friends though. Bud wants to be a champion diver and turn somersaults. Bane thinks he is better. The other kids gather...(Read More)
The mailman always delivers the mail even though it is snow or rain or stormy weather. The mailman always comes through. Because it is his dedication. The mailmans name is Jerry. Short for Jerome. He always wanted...(Read More)
We moved to the country from the city when my brother was 2 years old. We lived on a small farm and had many animals. The first 2 years after we moved, my brother would play outside when the weather was nice. We...(Read More)
Mac and Molly lived in two seperate areas of the city. Molly's owner likes to take her to the park for walks every Saturday morning. Mac's owner likes to take him to the doggie obstacle course which is located in...(Read More)
Whilst the light are on red, canine lovers gaze. Into the eyes of one another, Roofus and Dwais.
“Merry Christmas” The mailman, Harry Johnson he is. He is Santa today! Even though his hat looks like a Police man’s And he’s in a suit and tie Tight around to keep out the cold He rode in his truck or snowmobile...(Read More)
The story takes place in France. Put any time. Her name is Dancer. She is from France. She is ballroom dancing. I don't know why she is dancing. There is a dance going on. I don't know what type of music is...(Read More)