TimeSlips 25th Anniversary

Celebrating TimeSlips

Join us in celebrating 25 years of TimeSlips!

TimeSlips started from a ripped out page of a magazine as our first prompt, and has grown to hundreds of prompts in our Creativity Center, over 100 organizations certified as a Creative Community of Care, and over 1,100 individuals certified worldwide. We have a robust library of resources which support healthcare and arts and culture organizations, as well as tools to support our ongoing commitment to serving professional and personal caregivers, and people living with dementia. TimeSlips is proud to offer some of these resources for free, the hard work that has gone into translating some of these resources, and our ability to meet real-time needs such as training people on how to connect remotely in the pandemic era. We have grown so much, and had so much fun putting together this commemorative book that takes a look at TimeSlips’ journey over the last 25 years. We look forward to continue serving this community and advancing our mission.

Join us for our Birthday Party!

Each of you has played an integral part of TimeSlips’ journey these past 25 years, and we want to celebrate with you! Join us November 1st, 2023 for a Virtual Birthday Party! There will games, guest speakers, and a DANCE PARTY!

Help keep our free resources FREE!

Through your time OR your donations

So much of what we do at TimeSlips is done for free. We work hard to reduce the stigma of aging and dementia through our creative engagement training. In addition to healthcare workers, we train businesses, arts organizations, libraries, and want to expand our reach as widely as possible. We work extremely hard to support caregivers, which includes keeping our training free, or at a reduced cost. You can help us with our mission with a donation of any size.

We also know that making a donation isn’t possible for everyone, so here are some ways you can support our mission for free:

  1. Host a Facebook fundraiser! Anyone who hosts a TimeSlips Anniversary fundraiser on social media is eligible for receiving an Imagination Kit. Just tag us on Facebook to notify us! The top three fundraisers will receive an Imagination Kit, and will be announced at our 25th Anniversary celebration. Learn how to set up a fundraiser easily with our Birthday Kit guide.
  2. Fill out this survey! One of the ways we fund our work is through grants, and knowing demographic information about those we support is vital to the success of our grant writing efforts.
  3. Host an engagement party! This is one of the best ways to spread joy. You can host an engagement party to tell your loved ones about the work we’re doing to reduce the stigma of aging. Learn how with our English and Spanish engagement kit materials