TimeSlips Creative Storytelling is a non-profit
that aims to:

  • Improve the lives of people with memory loss through creative engagement
  • Reach a day when creative engagement is standard practice for all levels of care

TimeSlips offers: 

  • Certification to Indviduals and Organizations in creative engagement with people with memory loss
  • Consulting on creating sustainable partnerships and structures to support creative engagement
  • Resources for those dedicated to transforming dementia care through creative engagement

On our website you can: 

  • Read stories by others around the world
  • Write stories in response to a prompt
  • Invite friends to tell stories with you via our "collaborate" button
  • Print an image, tell a story with a group, and copy/paste the story later
  • "Publish" your stories to share them publicly
  • Email Published stories to friends
  • Leave stories "Unpublished" or private
  • Get access to our Certification Trainings

Come and play!  Start a story! 

What does research say? 

  • Research suggests that TimeSlips increases the quality and quantity of engagement between staff and residents - modeling person-centered engagement on whole units! 
  • Click HERE to read the study.