TimeSlips offers an elegantly simple revolution in elder care by infusing creativity into care relationships and systems. In a time when we deny aging and isolate our elders, TimeSlips provides hope and improves well-being through creativity and meaningful connection.

TimeSlips began in 1998 and became an independent non-profit in 2013. We are based in Milwaukee, WI, and reach the world - with creative facilitators in 44 states and 15 countries. Our creative approaches are used in care communities, museums, libraries, senior centers, and individual homes throughout the world. 

TimeSlips is evidence-based, award-winning, joyful and person-centered. And you can be too!


We Provide

  • Online Certification in our classic creative storytelling method.
    Anyone can learn to facilitate these playful, imagination-based stories built of words, gestures and sounds. This method is the base to our larger community building work.
  • Training for Care Organizations to build Creative Communities of Care
    From CCRC's to Day Centers and Meals on Wheels Programs. With online training and coaching, you'll learn how to transform programming to become collaborative, creative, and person-centered.

  • An inspiring 3-Day Institute - Create/Change: transforming care for elders through creative engagement
    Learn how to form partnerships and design your own community-building project.

  • A Creativity Journal for one-on-one use (available through Attainment Co.)
    Images and questions to prompt storytelling with a friend or loved one. With removeable post-cards so you can share your story with others.

  • Online Trainings that support student (high school and higher education) service learning
    With this 4 hour training, students go on to facilitate creative storytelling with elders and change their worlds. 

  • FREE online creativity software
    Right here on the website you'll find 200 prompts to spark your imagination and share stories with others around the world.


What Does Research Say? 

  • Research suggests that TimeSlips increases the quality and quantity of engagement between staff and residents - modeling person-centered engagement on whole units! Click HERE to read the study.

  • TimeSlips is featured on the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's Innovation Exchange!  See our profile here.