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How can I bring TimeSlips to my home, my school, or my community?


Which best describes you?

I am part of an organization.

Help bring joy to the elders, families and staff you serve.


I am a student or teacher.

Explore meaningful educational experiences with elders.


I am a family member or friend.

Learn to creatively engage a loved one.


How to get involved

a few clear steps and ideas

TimeSlips is infusing creativity into care relationships and across care systems to bring meaning and joy to elders wherever they live and whatever their abilities.

This means there are many ways to get involved!  

TimeSlips offers training and support to families, students and volunteers, and any organization serving older adults, from nursing homes to Meals on Wheels and museum education programs.

You can simply use the Creativity Center, or train as an individual or organization and join our inspiring international network of people changing the way we experience aging and dementia. 

Encourage your organization to become a Creative Community of Care.

Share our What is TimeSlips? flyer with local care organizations.

Donate to our Innovation Fund to help bring our programs to families across the world.

Visit our Creativity Center (Resources) and invite a friend or family member to imagine with you.

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Check our map on the homepage to find a TimeSlips facilitator near you.


Anne Basting’s New Book Now Available for Pre-order

Creative Care pioneers a radical change in how we interact with our older loved ones, especially those experiencing dementia.

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Introducing TimeSlips' New Executive Director, Carol Varney

TimeSlips welcomes first full time Executive Director, Carol Varney, to lead exciting organizational growth. 

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Welcoming Chris Abbott as New Board Member

Chris brings years of experience and insights from his work with United Healthcare. We are excited to introduce him as our newest Board Member.

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Milwaukee’s Superhero Team Inspires Book and Art Exhibition

Look--up in the sky!  It’s not a bird, a plane, or even Superman. It’s… Milwaukee’s own superhero team, The Righteous League! 

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Meet Student Artist In Residence: Andrew Gray

Andew heard about the SAIR program by accident. Though he had never worked with elders before, he thought he'd try a new experience. Upon being placed at Luther Manor, Andrew quickly learned it was much different from the nursing home he'd envisioned. Andrew's story is one of courage, creativity, and compassion. 

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Save the Date! Creative Care Institute 2020

We'll gather in Milwaukee for 3 inspiring days, June 1-3.  

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Helpful Products

Help spread the word about creative care

Keynote / Speaking Engagements

We do large scale (state, national, global) conference keynotes with our award winning Founder and Master Trainers.  Contact us to tailor a presentation to your group!

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Creativity Journal

Distributed by Attainment Company, this beautifully designed journal features 10 prompts that can be used multiple times to inspire stories.

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Looking to bring TimeSlips to your community? Drop us a line.